Midland Cultural Centre presents


Midland's 5th Annual Ukulele Festival

May 15th, 16th & 17th



Exciting announcements!


Who is Ukfest's biggest supporter?

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For our 5th annual Ukfest, we have organized a contest to give back to our supporters! When getting ready for Saturday's UKE events, wear all your UKEFEST MEMORABILIA from pervious years! That means T-shirts, lanyards, bags, long sleeve shirts, stickers - ANYTHING from pervious years AND yes, those are all plural! If you have multiple items from multiple years, this is your chance to show them off!


The Contest will be judged during the Welcome from your MC: Uke Mania! 10:00am - 11:30am. There can only be one winner so make sure to bring it ! 

We now have draft beer!

Delicious brews by Beau's are now on tap. 

A blast from the past

Check out some details from pervious years below


Online or over the phone



Midland Cultural Centre

333 King Street, Midland, ON L4R 3M7


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In 2018, Lucky Uke stole the show with their unforgettable performance at our Saturday Night All Star Concert.


Featuring ukulele-based reggae and surf-pop renditions of heavy metal anthems, Lucky Uke was formed in 2010 around the talents of Montreal-based musicians Matt Laurent, Martin Héon, Sebastien "Watty" Langlois, Greg Morency, and Christian-Marc Gendron.

Each year Uke Fest continues to grow, attracting ukulele enthusiasts from all across the province and beyond. 

Don't miss out on this amazing festival.  

We are delighted that other towns across Canada are creating their own ukulele festivals and we encourage everyone to support them as part of the growing uke community.


What a tremendous wave of enthusiasm!

Uke Fest 2018 All Star Concert: Lucky Uke



In 2017, Uke Fest was honoured to present Chalmer Doane with a Life Time Achievement Award for his outstanding contribution to the ukulele and music education. 

He, along with the award-winning ukulele-cello duo James Hill and Anne Janelle also took the stage for an unforgettable evening concert.

Uke Fest 2017 All Star Concert: James Hill,
Chalmers Doane, Anne Janelle & Melanie Doane.
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